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12/17/15: David Price: The Beginning of a Domino Effect
12/16/15: Scott Kazmir: A Small Fish in a Big Pond
12/07/15: Chicago White Sox: How Cleaning House will do Nothing but Good
12/07/15: Zack Greinke: Is the Price Right?
11/26/15: Any Teams Interested in a Shark for Thanksgiving?
11/22/15: Marco Estrada: The Navarro Effect
11/19/15: Jordan Zimmermann: A Curious Case
11/19/15: Virtual Reality: Baseball's Next Advantage
11/15/15: Hisashi Iwakuma: An Undervalued Investment
11/08/15: Daniel Murphy: World Series Struggles Analyzed
11/06/15: Zack Greinke: What Made Him So Good in 2015?
10/30/15: Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers' Next Manager...Again
10/30/15: Will Syndergaard Fare Any Better in Game 3?
10/28/15: The Enigmatic Johnny Cueto
10/27/15: New York Mets: Profiling the Mets' Three Aces
10/26/15: Front Office Ratings: Show Me the Money
10/26/15: Jeurys Familia: The Split-Fingered Fastball
10/17/15: The Defensive Shift: My Shift Doesn't Work in the Playoffs
10/08/15: Bench Warmers: Part 2 - The Bullpen (Relief Pitchers)
10/07/15: Pittsburgh Pirates: Choosing an Optimal Lineup
10/06/15: Chicago Cubs: Choosing an Optimal Lineup
10/06/15: Dallas Keuchel: AL Wild Card Matchup Against the Yankees
10/05/15: Bench Warmers: Part 1 - The Dugout (Position Players)
09/30/15: Will Harris: Will Harris Has Been a Relief
09/27/15: Houston Astros: Explaining the Astros' Recent Struggles
09/18/15: Jake Arrieta: How is Jake Arrieta so Good?
08/03/15: A New Form of SIERA: Pitcher Performance through the First Half of the Season
06/26/15: Starlin Castro: The Struggles of a Former Top Prospect
06/25/15: Jake Odorizzi: The Evolution of Jake Odorizzi
05/31/15: A Review on Major League Baseball’s First Year Player Draft: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of Bargaining
05/22/15: Noah Syndergaard: The Present and The Future
04/24/15: Jon Lester: What is Wrong with Jon Lester?
04/14/15: Jung-Ho Kang: Can He Succeed in the Majors?
04/01/15: Spring Training Reports: Rafael Montero
03/10/15: The Pinstripe Closer Throne: The Case for Dellin Betances
02/29/15: The Miami Marlins: Miami, Money, and More Talent
02/28/15: Hyun-Jin Ryu: Realizes How Good He Is
02/22/15: Building the Free Agency Case for Francisco Rodriguez: If the Price is Right
02/15/15: Pitching Talent of Michael Wacha
02/15/15: Cole Hamels: Analyzing the Best “Available
02/05/15: Building the Free Agency Case for James “Big Game” Shields
02/05/15: An Economic View of the MLB Qualifying Offer
01/23/15: Kansas City Royals: Strong Season followed by a Stronger Offseason
12/29/14: Wil Myers: The Center Field Experiment
12/26/14: Jon Lester: Individual Game Analysis
12/25/14: Wil Myers: The Future of San Diego
12/11/14: Dee Gordon: Which Half of 2014 was a Mirage?
12/10/14: Jon Lester: A Move to the Cubs
12/10/14: Didi Gregorius: Can Didi Gregorius fill the Captain’s shoes?
12/01/14: Offensive Statistics Application
12/01/14: Jason Heyward: Breakout Star of 2015?
11/16/14: Michael Cuddyer: Making a Big Splash in Free Agency
11/10/14: Sentiment Analysis for MLB Teams via Twitter
10/30/14: Madison Bumgarner: A Breakdown of his World Series Dominance
7/28/14: Tyson Ross, Who Deserved Notice Earlier
7/20/14: Justin Verlander: Different Velocity than Years Past
6/25/14: Dallas Keuchel: Pitching has Become Unfair
6/17/14: Toronto Blue Jays: Big Bats up North
6/06/14: Zach Duke: Failed Starter Becomes Reliever Extraordinaire
6/04/14: Puig 2.0: Now With Pitch Recognition
6/03/14: Chicago White Sox: Approach at the Plate
5/31/14: Clay Buchholz: A Tale of Two Seasons
5/26/14: Francisco Rodriguez: Velocity Isn’t Everything
5/24/14: Robinson Cano: The Sweet Swing of Robinson Cano
5/07/14: Scott Kazmir: The Return of Scott Kazmir
5/05/14: Mark Buehrle: Consistent Pitching Year After Year
5/01/14: Andrew Cashner: Pitching Quality Starts
4/13/14: Jose Abreu: Playing Like a Veteran
4/13/14: Tony Cingrani & Yu Darvish: A Pitching Comparison
4/10/14: Yordano Ventura: A Flame-Throwing Phenom
3/20/14: Clayton Kershaw & Chris Sale: Comparing Two Great Pitchers
3/11/14: On Yahoo!: How one of baseball's softest throwers not only survives but manages to be a star
11/23/13: Tigers Trade Prince Fielder to Rangers for Ian Kinsler
10/28/13: Adam Wainwright: Red Sox Patient with Curveball in Game 1
10/22/13: Boston Red Sox: 2013 World Series Preview
10/20/13: St. Louis Cardinals: 2013 World Series Preview
10/11/13: NLCS 2013: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals Game 1 Preview
10/10/13: Boston Red Sox: 2013 ALDS Recap
10/09/13: AriBall Digital Scouting Interview by Sports Illustrated
10/03/13: Previewing the NLDS: A.J. Burnett vs. Adam Wainwright
9/30/13: Previewing the NL Wild Card Game: Johnny Cueto vs. Francisco Liriano
9/25/13: Brian Wilson: From Fastball to Slider in Dodger Blue
9/16/13: Joey Votto: Why the Cincinnati Reds First Baseman is Facing Unfair Criticism
9/15/13: Edinson Volquez: Improved Pitch Selection Could Help Dodgers in MLB Postseason
9/09/13: Kenley Jansen: Cutter Resembles that of Rivera
9/05/13: Tampa Bay Rays: Myers and Archer Compete for Playoffs
9/03/13: AJ Ellis: A Sophisticated Approach Has Made the Dodgers Catcher a Valuable Player
8/27/13: Pirates Land Marlon Byrd from New York Mets
8/21/13: Ichiro Suzuki: Patience Leads to 4,000 Hits for Ichiro
8/21/13: Felix Hernandez: A Profile of Success
8/20/13: Baltimore Orioles: Why Chris Davis Has Improved from 2012 to 2013
8/19/13: CC Sabathia: Overshadowed by Yankees Drama
8/18/13: Los Angeles Dodgers: Zack Greinke Successful in First 20 Starts With Team
8/15/13: Yadier Molina: Breaking Down the Cardinals’ Catcher’s Great Offensive Season
8/15/13: Yasiel Puig: Dodgers Star Dominates Off-Speed Pitch vs. Pedro Feliciano
8/13/13: White Sox Place Konerko on Waivers
8/13/13: (on Yahoo!) New York Mets: Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury Could Be Perfect Fit for Their Outfield
8/05/13: Jake Peavy: Warm Welcome in Boston
8/01/13: Kershaw vs Kuroda: Battle of the Aces
7/29/13: Jose Veras Traded to Detroit
7/25/13: Miguel Cabrera: Chasing a Second Triple Crown
7/23/13: Matt Garza: Finding a Balance in Pitch Percent
7/22/2013: (on Yahoo!): Who Is Matt Harvey: What Makes the New York Mets Pitcher an MLB All-Star?
7/21/13: Jason Kipnis: Why More Respect Should Be Given to Cleveland
7/20/13: Mariano Rivera: Examining The Pitch That Has Made The Yankees Closer Elite
7/01/13: AriBall interview by Forrester Research
6/18/13: READ article: Yasiel Puig: Why His Los Angeles Dodgers Production May Cost Andre Ethier His Job
6/14/13: Podcast: Ari Kaplan on the "Podcast to be Named Later"
5/27/13: READ AriBall's analysis of Miguel Cabrera and Michael Trout"
5/22/13: READ AriBall's guest Alteryx blog "Lessons learned from baseball analytics"

AriBall provides media and broadcast outlets with solutions that fill crucial information gaps beyond video scouting, advance scouting, and professional scouting.

AriBall’s unique Scoutable® reports on thousands of players are available online for seamlessly integrating into interactive web, sports broadcasts, and print. We also augment existing strategic analysis of player talent and player development at the Major and Minor League levels.

AriBall’s difference?
The solutions are field-tested through years of direction and refinement with baseball Presidents, GMs, managers, coaches, and players. The solutions can be used by a team’s staff with regular updates – or choose to receive analysis via conference calls or in person directly from company founders Ari Kaplan and Fred Claire.