MLB Advance Scout
"Mind-blowing. You provide information that you simply cannot get from video scouting or BATS."
MLB Manager
"Amazing! We didn't see Anaheim for five weeks, and this really helped us prepare for the series."
MLB Closer
"I would love to get another printed report. I spent a long time looking at it this offseason, and it really helped my preparation. It was a real eye opener and very informative study on my pitches. It was amazing!"
Former World Champion GM
"Wow. Good stuff. It would be a big help to me if I was advancing for the World Series - especially if I had it early and then could confirm with my own eyes. It gives scouts a great lead-in and allows them to concentrate on other minute things that might win games."
MLB World Champion scouting director
"I simply can't believe all of this work and the depth you’ve provided."
Bill James
"Our ability to generate stats has gotten way ahead of our ability to make any sense of it… It's going to take a lot of work by people like Mr. Kaplan before we understand what all this means."
Matt Spiegel, 670 The Score
"Ari Kaplan's research has strengthened my arguments, and greatly improved the quality of my baseball content. Listeners and colleagues always react extremely well when observations are backed up with inventive, quantifiable data."
"Keeping track of thousands of baseball scouting reports for Major and Minor League teams can be very cumbersome… Well, there's a new software program to help sort out all of this mess… And it’s the best thing since sliced bread."