"I would love to get another printed report. I spent a long time look at it this offseason, and it really helped my preparation. It was a real eye opener and very informative study on my pitches. It was amazing!"

MLB Closer

AriBall provides unique reports to pitching coaches to cross-check and add new information along with trainers and players.

  • What are the precise weaknesses of each of my pitchers? What is the best advice I can give them to improve?
  • Is my starter really OK to pitch as he says he is, or have there been mechanical changes recently in his release points, velocities, and location? Has his changeup release point drifted the past month?
  • Since my pitcher returned from the DL, what subtle changes can be seen?
  • Are my pitchers adjusting to opponents hitters appropriately?
  • How do my pitchers change of locations, release points, velocity, and pitch types affect their success? Is their cutter losing steam? Are they throwing fewer first-pitch strikes recently? Locating the slider more away from RHH lately?
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