"Ari Kaplan's research has strengthened my arguments, and greatly improved the quality of my baseball content. Listeners and colleagues always react extremely well when observations are backed up with inventive, quantifiable data. -Matt Spiegel, 670 The Score"

Imagine a whole new way of
experiencing baseball

– where overnight millions of fans find themselves in a paradigm-shift of game-changing proportions.

For the first time, they can now fully engage in the game from new perspectives of GMs, coaches, advanced scouts, trainers, umpires, and the front office. Overnight, these fans find themselves with a unique analytical advantage – having deeper insights into the game than many teams themselves even have.

We provide solutions that fill in critical informational gaps not provided anywhere else on the market. Print, broadcast, and web portals could use this information daily in pre-game for game preparation and predictions, in-game for better real-time understanding and analysis, and post-game to help understand what just happened and why.

Our difference is that our solutions are field-tested through years of direction and refinement with baseball Presidents, GMs, managers, and coaches.

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